Media Release 31 October 2018

SpeakOut for Julian Assange @ US Embassy
Canberra Sunday 4 November

A Picnic and SpeakOut in defence of Australian journalist, Julian Assange, will take place outside the gates of the US Embassy in Canberra

11 am - 2 pm Sunday 4 November 2018
Moonah Place, Yarralumla ACT

Concerned citizens will be gathering to meet, chat, share morning tea and hone their public advocacy skills with speechifying on the lawn outside the Embassy.

The US Embassy Charge dAffairs, James Carouso, has been invited to attend.

Supporters of Assange will be saying that journalism is NOT a crime, that JulianŐs liberties have been curtailed though he has neither committed any crime nor has he been charged with any crime.

Rather they will say he is an Australian hero, abandoned by his government and persecuted by the most interventionist secrecy and surveillance state the world has ever known.

The Assange Picnic and SpeakOut is being convened by longtime itinerant peace activist and family friend of Julian, Graeme Dunstan of Peacebus.

"Our message to the US is that while US disinformation services have managed to keep the injustice suffered by Julian Assange distorted and confused, out of the corporate media and out of the Parliament, they have not kept it out the hearts of the people," said Mr Dunstan.

"Defence of rights and liberties is a rive that runs deep in the Australian identity and everywhere I travel, people speak of Assange and yearn for justice. They know a silencing of any one journalist reporting truth is an attack on all journalists who would speak truth.

Mr Dunstan invites participants to bring morning tea food and beverage to share, a folding chair or cushion for comfort and maybe wear a sun hat. Everyone who wants to speak will get to speak.

Further information
Graeme Dunstan Peacebus 0407 951 688
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