Media Release 2 December 2019

ScoMo to burn on Eureka Dawn

A cardboard effigy of the Honourable Scott Morrison PM will burn at the Ballarat Eureka Stockade Memorial tomorrow at Eureka Dawn 3 December 2019.

Over the years, effigy burning has become an integral and flamboyant part of the annual Eureka Dawn commemoration, part of the Reclaim the Radical Tradition of the Eureka Rebellion program which is organised by Dr Joe Toscano, medical practitioner, broadcaster on Melbourne Radio 3CR and Australia's best known anarchist.

Dr Joe's Reclaim program is far and away the best attended, most visible and best known of the on-the-day and on-the-site, Eureka commemorations. Most enduring too.

He is assisted in this by long time activist and Eureka commemorator, Graeme Dunstan, a deployer of flags, banners and lanterns and sculptor of cardboard.

"Each year as Eureka season approaches, a conversation takes place amongst Eureka celebrants around the questions: Who is this the face of tyranny in this season? Who are we defending our rights and liberties from now?" said Mr Dunstan.

"Too many to choose from and too little cardboard," answered one.

"For his cruelty to refugees, his complicity in the persecution of Julian Assange, his intimidation of journalists, his denial of the climate emergency, his building of a police state, ScoMo got the Eureka165 nomination.

"By burning ScoMo's likeness on Eureka Dawn we will be remembering the Eureka story and how police corruption, violence and spies were suffered and overcome by popular resistance, how a Governor was brought down and rights and liberty won," said Mr Dunstan.

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Graeme Dunstan,, 0407 951 688
Dr Joe Toscano, Anarchist Media Institute, 0439 395 489
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