Media Release 28 June 2015

4 July - Independence
from the USA Day

Fourth of July will be celebrated in Rockhampton as Independence from the USA Day with a public SpeakOut

11 am Saturday 4 July 2015
at the gates of Western Street Barracks
Western Street, Rockhampton.

"Consider it a pre-emptive strike for peace," said SpeakOut host, veteran peace activist Graeme Dunstan of

"With an open mike, the event will be an opportunity for all those concerned about the endless wars into which the US military alliance has led us to speak up and speak out."

"Far from bringing Australia security, the US alliance threatens our security by making enemies out of trading partners and engaging us in foreign wars in which no national interest is at stake.

"US Asian Pivot for example, which has stationed US Marines in Darwin and maybe a USAF B2 bomber base too, is aimed at "containing" China, our largest trading partner," he said.

"More than ever we need an independent voice. Yet our politicians arenŐt listening. Time for the voices of the people to be heard."

The SpeakOut will mark the official start of the Shoalwater Peace Convergence, with people coming from all over Australia to Rockhampton to protest and non-violently disrupt the Talisman Sabre military exercises.

"Instead of spending $50 million on Talisman Sabre to train for future US wars of aggression, we need to step out from US patronage and make our own path, one in which we build a peaceful future with our neighbours and address our greatest security threat, climate change."

Further information
Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688

Graeme Dunstan spruiks at Independence from USA Day 2014


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