Media Release 20 April 2018

Warlpiri Elder seeks proud Canberra men
for Anzac Reconciliation Dance @ Anzac

Uncle Ned Hargarves is an elder from Yuendumu and has come to Canberra for the Frontier Wars Story Camp which is currently in session at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. He is the maternal uncle of convenor of the Camp, Chris "Pelltharre" Tomlins.

Uncle Ned is offering to teach and paint up a bunch of men (it's a men only dance), Aboriginal and non, to do a 'Reconciliation Dance' at the Australian War Memorial on Anzac Day.

Inside the AMW if they are not turned away by the RSL and ACT police, outside in Anzac Parade if not.

"I will teach the dance if I have at least ten men who will stand up and be counted for reconciliation in this time,'" said Ned.

Such men are invited to turn up for the first rehearsal at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at 2 pm on Saturday 21 April.

Uncle Ned arrived came to Canberra via the Easter Confest near Mullamein.

There he taught his Reconciliation Dance. A powerful event. See video here.

Further information
Chris "Peltherre" Tomlins FaceBook 0409 023 419
Graeme Dunstan Peacebus 0407 951 688
Hazel Davies, Floral Activist, 0409 153 552
FaceBook event Frontier Wars Story Camp 2018
Downloadable Frontier Wars Story Camp 2018 A4 Flyer

Downloadable Frontier Wars Story Camp 2018 A4 Flyer

Chris "Peltherre" Tomlins and Roxley Foley at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
November 2015


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