Media Release 30 July 2019

US Alliance Burns @ Two Churches

To celebrate the end of the Talisman Sabre war rehearsals and the end of his season as artist in residence at Havachat, long time peace activist artist, Graeme Dunstan, will be burning a cardboard effigy depicting the US Alliance

6 pm Sunday 4 August 2019
at Two Churches
3447 Emu Park Road ,Yeppoon.

Graeme asked his FaceBook friends: "What does the U.S. Alliance look like? How to visualise it?"

He got many responses and now he works out back of Havachat sculpting cardboard to represent those ideas for burning next Sunday evening.

"At time for me, the effigy-to-be is a limo driven at speed over a precipice, with Trump tweeting at the wheel and Scomo, a grinning clown in the back, feet up, what ever. The limo is corporate greed. The abyss into which they are about to plunge is the abyss of war. "

The effigy making will be a collaborative process. Graeme invites other creatives are to come lend a hand wth the making and painting.

The effigy making and burning project is Graeme's offering to the Peacebus High Tea and Soiree @ Two Churches, Yeppoon, next Sunday. It's a Peacebus fund raiser.

It is also an act of solidarity with the National Conference of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network which will be taking place concurrently in Darwin.

Photo Opportunity
Graeme and helpers will be at work in Havachat, 25 East Street, Rockhampton, over next three days. Call first 0407 951 688.

Further Information
Graeme Dunstan Peacebus 0407 951 688
Fb event > High Tea with Peacebus homepage

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