Media Release 18 June 2019

HEMP Embassy hosts High Tea for Peacebus

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy will be hosting a High Tea for Peacebus

4.20 pm Friday 21 June 2019
at the Hemp Bar, Cullen Street, Nimbin

The event will raise funds to keep Graeme Dunstan's Peacebus rolling. See

As the director of the 1973 Aquarius Festival which led to the recreation of the Nimbin village as the counter cultural capital of Australia, Graeme has had a long association with the village and the campaigns for social change arising from it.

Peacebus is the long time and far travelling vehicle of activist Graeme Dunstan and it is worn out and in need of replacement. It has had many adventures including the plunge into the creek behind Nimbin after last year's Mardi Grass.

"Graeme has done so much for Nimbin and the Northern Rivers over the years. Indeed the HEMP Embassy exists today in the building that it does because of Graeme's initiative in acquiring it for the 1973 Aquarius and keeping it in community ownership afterwards," said HEMP Embassy President, Michael Balderstone.

"Come along, support him and keep Peacebus rolling on by making a donation. Not everybody can live in a van and devote their life to political and cultural activism."

"It's a great effort. For example, many don't realise that Graeme introduced, among other ideas, mass lantern events to the area. That little seed has grown into the amazing annual Lismore Lantern Parade of this Saturday's solstice."

The Hemp Bar High Tea will be a dress up affair. Wear a hat!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A generous donor has offered to match the next $1800 dollar for dollar. Donate now and double your money!

Further Information
Graeme Dunstan Peacebus 0407 951 688
Michael Balderstone 0472 760 236
Fb event > High Tea with Peacebus homepage

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