Media Release 6 November 2015

Remembrance Day SpeakOut @ Defence HQ

Remembrance Day will be celebrated by peace activists with a SpeakOut against the U.S. alliance in general, and Australia's entanglement in the U.S.-led war on Syria in particular, at a SpeakOut

12.30 - 2.00 pm Wednesday 11 november 2011
under the Australian-American Memorial
Blamey Square, Russell, ACT

"November 11 is a many dimensioned day of remembrance for Australians," said SpeakOut convener, Graeme Dunstan of

"We remember it as the day in 1880 when native born rebel and resister of police corruption, Ned Kelly, was hanged.

We remember it as the day in 1918 when the cease fire took effect and the imperial war which had claimed 60,000 Australian dead over four years came to an end.

And we remember it as the day in 1975 when the reformist and independent minded Whitlam government was dismissed in a CIA engineered coup."

Mr Dunstan said that the SpeakOut will have an open mike and that it was an opportunity for anyone with opinions they wanted to share with the bureaucrats and brass at the headquarters of the Australian Defence Force to say it loud.

"We are expecting a bus load of Sydney Syrians to participate in the SpeakOut. They will be coming to Canberra to remember the 80,000 dead suffered by the Syrian Arab Army in the past four years defending their homes and homeland from the U.S.-led war of terror there."

"The key message of the Remembrance Day SpeakOut will be that if we want an independent and peaceful Australia, we must end the U.S. alliance," said Mr Dunstan.

Further Information
FaceBook> End the War on Syria SpeakOut @ Defence HQ 2015
Hanadi Assoud, Australian Union of Syrian Students, 0405 225 615
Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688

Peacebus captain, Graeme Dunstan, shows off the new mural in Blamey Square, Russell, ACT.


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